Self Cleaning Surgical Suction Tool

The “ChicagoTip™” is a disposable self cleaning suction device to be used in an array of surgeries. Our embedded stylet provides a simple solution to remove any clog without detaching the suction tip from the hose. This saves time and allows the surgical procedure to proceed without interruption.


  • Self Cleaning Suction Device
  • Stainless Steel Tip
  • Teardrop Shaped Vent
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Disposable

ChicagoTip™ Advantages

  • Allows surgeons to clear debris by pushing the internal retractable stylet within the handle.
  • The stainless steel tip is chip resistant.
  • The teardrop design allows for precise regulations and renders the suction quiet.
  • Allows hand and fingers to relax throughout procedure.
  • Single use reduces the chance of infection.

Instructions for Use

Step 1 Push slider forward to remove any debris causing the blockage.

Step 2 Push slider back in place to resume suction.

ChicagoTip instructions for use

Sterilization Guideline

Sterilized by radiation.

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Standard Passive Suction Tip
Example of what happens everyday in the surgical suite with a standard passive suction tip (not self cleaning).

ChicagoTip™ Saves Surgical Time
The ChicagoTip™ has a self-cleaning feature allowing the surgical procedure to proceed without interruption, without the assistance of support staff.

ChicagoTip Self Cleaning Surgical Suction Tool
ChicagoTip Self Cleaning Surgical Suction Tool