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The Kerrison Punch instrument is commonly used in spine procedures to remove the lamina and ligamentum flavum when performing spinal decompressions. One of the frustrations surgeons and surgical techs encounter after each punch is thorough removal of debris trapped within the groove of the Kerrison. This can be time consuming, challenging, and creates an inconvenience resorting the surgeon to use an inadequately sized Kerrrion for their next punch.
NeuroEnterprises’ Self Cleaning Kerrison provides the surgeon with a clean free punch every time. Our uniquely designed tongue blade dislodges trapped debris to be suctioned or wiped away easily. This allows continuity of the surgeon’s focus on the surgery and maintaining the flow of the procedure.


  • Self cleaning kerrison punch employs an automatic tongue blade which disengages the punched material from the tip.

  • The disengaged material can then be easily removed or fall off automatically from the tip.



  • Wash the instruments thoroughly after each use.

  • Sterilize in an autoclave according to the institution’s protocol for stainless steel instruments.


  • The surgeon passes the instrument underneath the ligament and lamina and then punches the tissue as many times as necessary to allow for a thorough decompression.

  • Between each punch, the tissue falls off from the tip of the instrument or is easily wiped away.

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