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The lumbar neural foraminal stenosis is a challenging condition in spine MIS cases. A complete decompression of the nerve root often leads to a subtotal facetectomy associated with potential instability and the need for additional instrumentation of the decompressed segment. To help with this issue we offer the following instruments:

The Lumbar Foraminal Rasps aid in the decompression of the lumbar neuroforamen (NF), where the nerves exit the spine.



The design has the following salient features:

  • Made in the USA of stainless steel, these instruments have two parts, a body and a rasp.

  • The angle of the rasp from the body is at an angle allowing a seamless decompression of the NF.

  • Both the distal tip and the base of the rasp are curved gently to avoid piercing the exiting nerve root.

  • The angle of the rasp teeth allows for decompression of the ligaments and bone spurs towards the spinal canal where they can be cleared away.

  • The rasp has a thin profile to allow working in a tight NF without compressing the exiting nerve root.

Rasp case 1_show.jpg

Surgeon user Testimonial

"Have used your foraminal rasps a few times now and they are outstanding.  Here are a couple before and after shots after an L5 foraminotomy.  Really remarkable."



The surgeon passes the instrument into the neuroforamen over the exiting nerve, all the while visualizing the relationship of the instrument to the nerve root. While applying a gentle upward force, the instrument is removed from the neuroforamen resecting the compressive ligament and bone spurs. This process is repeated as many times as the surgeon deems necessary to decompress the neuroforamen appropriately.

Key Points:

Does your post-op laminectomy patient still have leg pain?  It is possible the central canal is well decompressed but not the neuroforamens. 

The Lumbar Foraminal rasp solves this problem for you.  In use for 8 years with great success in neurosurgery and orthopedics surgeons’ hands.  The length of the rasp is optimized to reach far into the lateral aspect of the foramen optimizing the decompression.

Decompression of the mid to far lateral lumbar neuroforamina is always a challenge.  Take too much of the facet and you de-stabilize the segment, take too little and you are unlikely to get a good decompression.  Lumbar Foraminal Rasps solve this problem for you.  The length of the rasp is optimized to reach far into the lateral aspect of the foramen optimizing the decompression.

The Following video shows a simple demonstration of the Rasp

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